Sit down, relax, have a drink.

Our sports bar has been in existence for more than five years now. Thanks to our supportive and loyal patrons who continuously support us and drink with us. We won’t achieve where we are right now without your continued and valued support.

We show the latest games in a variety of sports. Aside from the common basketball and football, we also show a lot of other sports depending on what our patrons like. Since we have different screens all around the bar, it is sure that you will find what you are looking for.

Drinks Selection at its Finest

We have a wide array of alcoholic drinks that you can choose from. We have a lot of tap beers from known brands and also some of our favorites from locally brewed beers. This will definitely give you a chance to experience the local flavor while enjoying the ambience of our bar.

If you are into cocktails or mixed drinks, our bartender are trained to mix the commonly ordered cocktails around the world. At the same time, we have our own concoction that we know you will definitely enjoy. Just talk to any of our servers if you have any request in mind.

Enjoy our food

We also have a lot of cuisine you can choose from. Aside from the bar favorites, we also have Mexican, Indian, and Korean cuisine that is perfect for a night of drinking. We also have a lot of finger food that will definitely make your night memorable.

For full courses, we have our resident chef who will make sure that you will have a great dining experience. Our food is prepared from scratch, so expect a little waiting time if you want to have a taste of our culinary expertise.

Enjoy our Nightly Atmosphere

We have a lot of consistent loyal customers who will make you feel welcomed in our bar. It is our vision to make a place where it is safe for people to mingle and have fun without feeling the danger of being taken advantage of. Don’t worry, everyone is friendly and if in the slim chance that you feel there is something wrong, we have our security team all around the area to make you feel safe all the time.

Just don’t be shy to talk to strangers in the bar! Make sure that at the end of the night, you will talk to at least three new people to have a complete experience of our bar.

Value for Money

Lastly, we make sure that our prices remain competitive. We have a lot of deals and promotions going on. Just ask our servers for you to be aware of our existing deals. And if in a rare night that we don’t have a deal going on, we will still give you a free shot to start of your night great. We know how to have fun so we’ll make sure that you will also have the time of your life with us.