We are full service sports bar where you can watch the latest games while enjoying the ambience inside our bar. We serve a great selection of well-mixed cocktails, carefully chosen draft beers, and a huge array of wine list. Whatever it is you might want to drink while watching a game, we have it (even if it’s a pint of milk!)

Other services of our bar includes:

  • Billiard Tables

You and your mates can battle it out on who’s the best person in billiards. We have all the necessary tools to make you look like a pro. You can rent it per hour or have a deal that the loser will pay for it. If you are really good, then you can play in our bar’s table where you will have a showdown with other patrons.

  • Beer Pong Tables

If you are a group and you want to have more fun, then you can try enjoying our beer pong table. Just purchase at least 10 bottles of beers and you can battle it out. The loser will have to drink the remaining drinks, all of them. So it’s important for you to decide, to win and be sober, or to lose and get drunk. We know it’s a tough choice!


  • Game Request (Or other TV Show)

We also show other games by request. If there are enough people who want to watch the same game, then we will show it. We used to show the whole series of Game of Thrones and our patrons seem to like it so we will continue doing it with the other shows. Just let us know, through our servers regarding your intention so we can take a look at it. For the meantime, you can check the upcoming shows that we will broadcast on our lovely announcement board or just ask any of our staff.