Who We Are

We started small. Armed with only our passion to create a place where people can hangout, enjoy some company, watch some games, and have a taste of our great concoctions, we build this bar and continuously improve what we can offer so we can set ourselves above our competition.

 Aside from those mentioned above, we also worked hard to have a group of talented, committed, and customer-focused staff who continuously bring us success in the business by always providing great service to our patrons, with their huge smile on their faces that will make anyone instantly feel welcomed in our humble abode.

What we do

It’s simple. Our aim is to deliver happiness in every glass of drink and plate of delicious food we serve. It is our mission to expand this community not only with the locals but also with tourists from other places and countries. And we know we can achieve us together with the support of our loyal and fun customers.

We are also a fan of organizing great events for our customers to enjoy. Yes, most of them are absolutely for free and some of them even are organized by our own customers and we just provide a place. This proves that even the community alone is enough to make anyone like what we do here. 

Why we do it

We’ve seen a lot of great places in the world. And what’s set them apart isn’t just their delicious cocktails and food, but the overall experience of the person the moment he sits inside, until he leaves.