It’s not all about drinking. Well, of course, drinking is a huge part of being in a bar but it’s not the only thing you can do to have a fun night out. In fact, you can even play games inside that involves drinking so you have other more exciting things you can do. If you are thinking to do something like that, then the following are some of the games we are suggesting for you to have fun in a bar.

King’s Cup

King’s cup is one of the best drinking games you can play with your friends. You can either do it the traditional way or just download the app on your phone. Basically, it’s very simple. Each card has its own rule. So you go around and a person will pick a card then will follow what the card says. But every time someone picks a king, he or she will have to put some of his or her drink in a glass in the middle.

Now, the person who will pick the last king (the fourth one) will have to drink the entire glass where all the other people who previously picked king put some of their drink. That’s why it’s the king’s cup.


Most bars have their own billiards table where you can play billiards. It is a good place to show off some of your skills by asking for friends to team up and play. Most of the time, the rule is, the loser will pay for the fee or buy the next round.



Beer Pong

This is a classic bar game where in your team will have to use a ping pong ball to shoot in the glass set up by your opponent. Basically, whenever you successfully shoot inside the glass, the opponent will have to drink its content. And if you finished all the glasses of your opponent, then will also have to drink the contents of your team’s glasses. Do you want to make this game even more challenging? Then include a shot every time someone successfully shoots in the glass.