For non-drinkers, it is easy to dismiss the idea of even going to a sports bar. For them, just because they don’t drink at all, they can’t enjoy it and it is useless to even go there. But in reality, they are missing a lot of opportunities to have fun. There are so many more things to do in a sports bar even if you are not a drinker.

 Things you can do in a sports bar without drinking alcohol

  • Watch Games

Sports bars show a lot of games and you can go there to go watch especially if you don’t have paid subscription. The good thing about watching in a sports bar is you are surrounded with people who might be a fan of the same team as you. Then your shared energy will make the experience more enjoyable and fun.

You can even shout out and cheer whenever your team is doing great. Also, it won’t hurt to have some exchange of words with the opposing team, just don’t engage in a fight or it will turn out really bad quickly.

  • Go there for the Company

If your friends are already there, then you don’t have to drink just to enjoy listening to their stories. You don’t have to drink to talk to them, in fact, they would really appreciate it if you are there with them as they know that you won’t go there if it weren’t for them. So just be a good friend, sit down and enjoy their company.

Also, you can even play games with them since you are already there. There are so many games that you can play in the bar.

  • Try Mocktails, if you want to drink any

Mocktails are saviours of those who don’t drink. They are basically cocktails without any alcohol. They are delicious concoction that are meant to look like a cocktail without the buzz. This is perfect for you if you find it weird to be in a bar without drinking anything. Then you can be sitting there with your friends while you are sipping your non-alcoholic drink.